Group Dental Insurance

Group Dental Insurance is one of the most requested benefits by employees and is one of the most popular employee benefit programs offered by employers.

It is a fairly inexpensive benefit plan so it is important that employers evaluate the need for such a plan. Items to consider include:

  • Long term costs of the plan
  • Should the plan be fully insured or voluntary
  • Is the plan necessary to attract and retain employees
  • Are other employers in your industry offering the benefit

Rather than purchase an insured dental plan, many employers determine how much they are willing to pay for a dental plan and contribute that amount through their cafeteria plan. This approach is very effective in controlling plan costs. The table below provides a summary of typical plan requirements.

Typical Plan Design Provision

Group Size

5 or more employees for full coverage
Preventative only plans start with 2 or more employees


80% – 100% Preventative Care
60% – 85% for Minor Restorative Care
40% – 60% for Major Restorative Care
50% – 50% for Orthodontia is usually optional by plan

Benefit Amounts

An annual deductible of $25 or $50 usually applies to the restorative tiers.
Annual benefit maximum per employee ranges from $500 – $2000 with $1000 or $1500 being the most common amount.

Rate Guarantees – Usually 1 – 2 years, 1 being the most common

Plan Types – Traditional or Voluntary

Your Group Dental Insurance plans are offered through the following carriers:

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