Business Property

Owning your own business can be one of the most rewarding events in your life. The pride of putting your name on your own company, hiring staff to help make your vision a reality and investing in a building to serve as your office are all exciting moments.

But what if it were all taken away? What if a storm, burglary or fire in your workplace destroyed your building, your belongings, your equipment and your inventory? How would you rebuild? Where would the cash flow come from?

The professionals at Borawski Insurance hope you never have to find out, but in case you do, we want to be there to make the rebuilding process go smoothly.

Business property insurance protects you and your company’s physical assets and the continuity of your business operations regardless of whether you own, rent or lease your building against general claims dealing with property damage. These policies protect all types of business properties: including offices, warehouses, garages and other commercial use buildings.

Business building insurance protects companies against many perils, including:

  • Fire, Lightning, Windstorms, and Other Weather-Related Disasters
  • Damage Caused by Vehicle or Aircraft Accidents
  • Burglaries, Vandalism and Other Forms of Civil Disturbance
  • Other emergencies, including water damage from burst pipes or sprinkler malfunctions and structural collapse
  • Loss of Business Income
  • General Liability /Bodily Injury and property damage to others

It is important to note that flood and earthquake insurance are not covered in the typical business property insurance policy. Our representatives can help you determine the proper coverages you may need.

The professionals at Borawski Insurance will work together with you to design a commercial property insurance program that best fits the needs of your business at an affordable rate.

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