Brewery Insurance

Take Flight & Choose

We have several company partners who want to insure crate with beer glasses

They offer a specialized brewers program designed to protect your livelihood with a broad range of brewery specific coverages, affordable rates and exceptional service. They also offer in-depth risk management solutions that will help you avoid pitfalls in the first place and help lower your premiums.

Have you considered the following?
The first batch of your new seasonal brew is found to be tainted. The release date, the promotion and the first batch all have to be abandoned. Are you covered for Spoilage and Contamination?
Your tank collapses due to an accidental implosion or your employee drives a forklift into the tank puncturing it. Are you covered?
After sampling several of your offerings a customer leaving your facility is involved in a serious accident. You have mandatory limited liquor liability coverage, but is it enough? Do you need more?

The Borawski team will work together with you to tailor a Brewery insurance program that best fits your needs and budget.

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